AppleWood Estates Inc

  • Property Management

    We are dedicated to helping you maximize investment profits and minimize the hassle of maintain your rental property. We’ll work to obtain the highest market rent possible for your rental property and handle the day-to-day management of your rental property.

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  • Mobile Home and RV Park Management

    AppleWood Estates specializes in management of mobile home, RV resorts and parks. Our staff is qualified, credentialed and understands the complexities and challenges of managing mobile home, RV resorts and parks.

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  • Single Family Rentals

    Our priority is prompt and courteous service to single family owners and investors. Owners and investors of income producing property feel confident knowing; monthly reports will be prepared accurately, prospective residents are thoroughly screened, maintenance repairs reported by the residents are performed timely to protect owners’ investments and that Applewood's dedicated staff will provide excellent customer service.



rental application

We handle each step of the rental process, when a potential renter wants to see your property, we meet them at the house. This face-to-face meeting is essential to our understanding of the person who may be interested in renting the property.



Our basic services include:

  • Assistance with Leases
  • Pre-Qualification of Renters
  • Rent Collection
  • Scheduled visits of Property whether vacant or rented
  • Facilitate Repairs and/or Maintenance
  • Evictions





  • We evaluate the property to determine a rental price, based on condition, location, features and the market rents of comparable properties.
  • We advise you on practical property changes and/or capital improvements that could bring you higher rent, or enhance marketability.
  • We use our name recognition, along with our reputation, and network in our Upstate area to market your home.
  • We advertise your property in a variety of ways, both locally and via the Internet.


  • We provide reference verification and credit checks for potential tenants.
  • We maintain regular communication through monthly reports, e-mail and other correspondence.
  • We handle rent collection, record keeping and legal actions including evictions.
  • We offer 24-hour emergency service for tenants.
  • We provide lease negotiation and preparation on your behalf.


  • We perform periodic inspections and provide written condition reports.
  • We furnish a detailed property inspection report after each move-in.
  • We protect your investment by using licensed and insured contractors to maintain and repair your property.
  • We monitor market conditions to insure that you receive competitive rental rates.