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Project Management

Real Estate Project Management Services


We help stakeholders monitor their project, we represent their interests, track budget and ensure project stays within the project timeline.

Budget/Schedule Administration
Throughout the entire project, we monitor budget and schedule to ensure project is on track and contractors are held to a high standard.

Development Management
Represent stakeholders interests in all aspects of development and provides creativity and profitable insight.

We examine potential sites through site visits and cost analysis. Ensure contracts represent best interests and practices for stakeholder.

Facilities Support Services
Track and manage facilities operations requests, lease administration, costs, and produce reports

Contract Administration
Verify that vendors are complying with negotiated terms of contract throughout the life of the project

Ensure Lease Alignment
Ensure the designers and project team are designing/implementing per lease specifications

Capital Budget Planning
Help clients develop a long-term expenditure plan

Closeout Management
Deliver all manuals and lien waivers to stakeholders, ensure all parties are paid and mitigate post-occupancy issues.

We handle all strategic negotiations to ensure you achieve your goals with smart savings and exceeded output.

Service Fees:
Hourly Rate $65.00 Per Hour
Minimum Commitment Fee: Based on Project Scope

Pricing Subject to Change: Applewood Estate Inc.